What is De Leiegouw?

De Leiegouw is the Society for history, linguistics and folklore in the Kortrijk region. For over fifty years, we have been doing research work in these domains. The Leie (Lys in French) region focuses geographically on the city, the former castellany and the district of Kortrijk. The Society works closely with the historical societies of Harelbeke and Kuurne.

The activities of the Society include

  • the publication of a six-monthly magazine, good for a least up to 400 pages of engaging, in-depth and diverse articles. De Leiegouw is committed to high quality in both content and form. The magazine is also highly valued in scientific circles.
  • the publication of monographs in the series 'Memoirs' ‘(Verhandelingen’)
  • the organization of interesting lectures, sometimes in collaboration with other cultural and historical societies in the region.
  • the distribution of the e-newsletter 't Leiegouwtje with the announcement of the lectures and short news
  • participation in events (eg Heritage Day), study meetings and workshops
  • the development of a specialised library, which is available to members at the Kortrijk City Archives
  • giving advice and providing assistance in research work
  • access to the digital magazine archives for users and members on the improved website

How to order the six-monthly magazine De Leiegouw

(published in June and December)
 ISSN 0776 -1023

International Price: € 40 (30% bookstore discount), plus shipping costs.


De Leiegouw Kortrijk
Bergstraat 39, B-8511 Aalbeke
IBAN: BE12 3850 4116 0092